This page lists current approved policies and guidelines for the North Shore Playcentre Association and it’s centres. You may need to refer to documents within the Forms section after reviewing the policy relating to an area.

Licenced Playcentre Sessions Requirements
Licensing & Supervision Requirements Policy
1:4 Ratio Dispensation Procedure
Providing Positive Guidance Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy
Disputes Resolution Process Policy
Disciplinary Procedure Policy
Nominating a NSPA Life Member Guidelines
Centre Members holding an Association Position Guideline
Guidelines on the Privacy Act 1993 & Privacy Officer
Guidelines on the Human Rights Act 1993
Attendance at Two Sessions - Procedure for Dispensation
Attendance at Extended Sessions - Procedure for Dispensation
Pets at Playcentre Guidelines
Conflict of Interest Policy
Licenced Playcentre Sessions Requirements
Safety Checking for Volunteers
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